Masonic Girls Benefit Fund & Masonic Boys Benefit Fund

The Girls Benefit Fund and the Boys Benefit Fund were established in 1975 and 1982 respectively following the closure and sale of the two Masonic Schools. Both Funds were established by Order of the High Court, have largely similar objectives and are administered by Management Committees appointed by Grand Lodge.

These objectives include the provision for the cost of education, maintenance, advancement and benefit (including medical care) of daughters and sons of deceased Freemasons in the first instance, and of financially distressed Freemasons in the second instance. Financial assistance can include assistance with the payment of school and university fees, accommodation, travel expenses and books. The provision of musical instruments, computers and cost of school trips may also be considered.

The Masonic Girls Benefit Fund also awards two music bursaries annually. Applicants must be beneficiaries of the Fund studying music at second or third level of education.

Currently these two funds offer financial assistance to over 500 children at primary school, secondary school and third level education. In addition, the Girls Benefit Fund has been able to offer financial assistance to daughters of Freemasons, and in some cases education support may be available to their children.

CRA Registration Numbers
Masonic Girls Benefit Fund 20001292
Masonic Boys Benefit Fund 20001315