Masonic Havens

Masonic Havens is managed as a registered charity by a board of directors. It presently administers two operations:

Carrick Manor, Monkstown, Co. Dublin is a sheltered housing complex for the active elderly. Residents are mainly Masons or Masonic widows. It comprises of nine bungalows and 6 apartments and 6 studio apartment all with private bathrooms and kitchenettes. Most of the residents in Carrick Manor are “senior” Masons or Mason’s widows. They enjoy the comforts of their individual homes and join together each day for a superb main meal and of course the gossip of the day. They also arrange many social activities within the complex and various external outings.

St. John’s, is also a sheltered housing complex of 26 bungalows at Virginia, Co. Cavan as a gated community where, presently several Masons are residents. The complex is overseen by a local management committee. The complex also has a fine Community Hall which is used by several local organisations on a regular basis for their activities.