The Grand Lodge of Ireland including, Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ireland, Great Priory of Ireland, and the Ancient and Accepted Rite for Ireland

The Grand Lodge of Ireland and Associated Bodies (as listed above) does all it can to respect your right to privacy and the protection of your personal information.

The Grand Lodge of Ireland and Associated Bodies collects and processes various types of personal information.

Most of this is basic personal information from our members. We are a members' organisation.

If you are content with the information that we hold, how we process it, how we currently contact you, etc; then you do not need to do anything.

Unlike other organisations who may have contacted you recently, due to the Grand Lodge of Ireland’s position as a membership organisation we do not need you to grant consent for your information to be used, and you do not need to reply or complete any forms.

The Grand Lodge of Ireland and Associated Bodies does not share your data with any other Body and does not and will not use your personal data for marketing purposes. We keep your information confidential.

The Data which the Grand Lodge of Ireland and Associated Bodies will hold securely in our Headquarters can include as follows; Name, address, contact details, (telephone numbers, email addresses,) Date of Birth, Occupation, Offices held in a lodge, dates of Degrees.

In relation to our Masonic Charities we will hold other information in relation to persons seeking benefits from those Charitable Schemes. This will include information about financial circumstances, educational and health circumstances.

The Grand Secretary of Ireland is appointed as our Data Protection Officer.
Any complaints are to be made to our Data Protection Officer. We hope that we can resolve any complaints, but if Grand Lodge cannot, then the member can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office. (ICO.)

Rights of our Members in relation to the information that we hold.

Members have a number of legal rights to control what we do with your information. For example, you can ask us to tell you what information we have about you and get a copy of it; correct or update information that is wrong; stop using your information in certain circumstances. We will not send any of your Data to any other Body or persons for them to use. We are committed to ensuring that our member’s information is secure with us, and we use many tools to make sure that members' information remains confidential and accurate.

Philip A.J. Daley
Grand Secretary

Data Protection Notice