The Freemasons of Ireland Victoria Jubilee & Welfare Fund

Incorporating: The Victoria Jubilee Masonic Benevolent Fund, The Masonic Welfare Fund, The Elena Donoughmore Memorial Masonic Charity Fund and The Freemasons of Ireland Medical Research Fund.
Registered with the Charities Regulator in the Republic of Ireland No. 20032098

The principal objectives of the Charity are to relieve poverty or economic hardship and to advance education by:

  • providing assistance to (a) Freemasons, in Ireland and overseas, who are in need by reason of poverty, hardship, sickness or distress; (b) their spouses, civil partners, cohabitants, widows and widowers; (c) the sons and daughters of the persons at categories (a) and (b); and (d) other necessitous persons.
  • Carrying out or funding medical research in respect of any human disease or disability in order to promote greater understanding of, or uncover potential treatments for, such disease or disability.
  • Providing support to other charitable organisations with similar charitable objects.

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