Great Priory Officers 2020


Robert G. Quigley G.C.T.

Great Seneschal Dr. Michael M. Costello G.C.T.
Great Prelates Rev. Charles McCurdy,K.C.T.
Rev. Dr. W. Warren Porter K.C.T.
Rev. Edwin W. Hunter K.C.T.
Rev. Kenneth Gamble
Great Chancellor Brian A. M. O’Byrne K.C.T.
Great Constables Richard A. Howard
William J. Mawhinney
Great Treasurer John A. Totten
Great Registrar E. Terence Woods
Great Vice Chancellor Mervyn W. Galbraith G.C.T.
Great Marshall Roy Graham K.C.T.
Deputy Great Marshall E. Nevill C. Houston
Asst. Great Marshall W. Robert Smith
Great Herald Wilfred Baker K.C.T.
Great Officer of the Bodyguard Derek Brennan
Great Standard Bearer (Beauceant) Terence Hamilton
Great Standard Bearer (Vexillum Belli) Norman E. R. Kelly
Grand Master’s Banner Bearer David N. Browne
First Great Aide-de-Camp Robert Winters
Second Great Aide-de-Camp David Douglas
Third Great Aide-de-Camp Alastair Thompson
First Great Captain of Guards Neil A. Coey
Second Great Captain of Guards Thomas Bratton
Great Sword Bearer Brian Meyrick
Great Pursuivants-at-Arms Keith Wray
Roy Fynes
Ramon Gillis
Great Organists John N. Rowden K.C.T.
Kenneth W. Porter
Alfred Crockett
Ian W. Kelly
Medical Support Officers Dr. Michael M. Costello G.C.T.
David Cupples
Derek Brennan
E. Terence Woods
Great Preceptory of Instruction
Registrar Kenneth Abernethy K.C.T.
Assistant Registrars
East Ulster William R. McIlveen
Frank Truesdale
Frank Craig
West Ulster Ivan Meldrum
South Ulster Winston Johnston
John Craig
Metropolitan E. Nevill C. Houston
Country Rev. Edwin Hunter K.C.T.